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OpticsBuilder software was developed by Zemax to help CAD users package optical systems, providing solutions for optical design teams to help simplify and improve the optical mechanical design process, while increasing productivity and helping products enter the market faster. Using OpticsBuilder,SOLIDWORKS, users can import OpticStudio optical design files into SOLIDWORKS software perfectly, analyze the influence of mechanical packaging on optical performance, and export optical drawings for production, all of which will undoubtedly help to reduce trial and error and reduce cost.


Build exceptional optical products

To turn optical designs into reality, teams of engineers need to coordinate their individual expertise around one common goal. Oftentimes the limiting factor is not the talent of the team, but the limitations of the tools. Now CAD users don’t have to spend hours or days creating optical designs into CAD formats. With OpticsBuilder, CAD users can directly convert complete optical designs from OpticStudio into CAD, analyze how their packaging impacts optical performance, and export optical drawings to manufacturing—saving costs and months of trial and error.

Zemax software helps companies get to a qualified design more quickly by streamlining the workflow and communication between optical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers. Our software physics core has been relied on by NASA and industry leaders to analyze and validate complete product designs.

Improve the optical design workflow

Convert to CAD

Convert and build optical designs into native CAD parts

Instead of spending hours recreating lenses, OpticsBuilder enables CAD users to automatically convert and build lens design data from OpticStudio, like lens materials, positions, sources, wavelengths, and detectors into native CAD parts and assemblies. Design mechanical structures around optical components in minutes using the exact component data.

Optomechanical packaging analysis (OPA)

Easily analyze how mechanical packaging impacts optical performance

Avoid surprises by catching and correcting errors during the initial optical lens design phase. Using the Zemax physics core, you can easily run a ray trace to analyze how the mechanical packaging impacts the optical performance within the native CAD environment. No need to make assumptions or wait for input from the optical engineer.

Automatic drawings

Push-button optical drawing creation

Share ISO 10110 compliant optical drawings with a push of a button using an automatic optical drawing design export tool that even works with your own custom drawing templates. Save time by automatically filling optical manufacturing data pulled directly from OpticStudio and reduce rework.

Use OpticsBuilder to ensure optical performance

  • Maintain design fidelity

    Through the direct import of complete optical design data from OpticStudio, the accuracy of optical design and high-quality optical performance are ensured.
  • Accelerate the time-to-market of products

    Save time and reduce guesses by reducing unnecessary iterations of design documents between optical engineers and mechanical engineers.
  • Reduce production cost

    Discover the effects of mechanical components on optical performance before proofing, so as to find errors and optimize your design based on manufacturability.
  • Simplify the production process

    Simplify your production process by viewing optical data directly in the CAD platform and generating ISO 10110 drawings for your imported optical design.