Data Management

Product data management software, also known as PDM, is a software for managing all product-related information (including parts information, configuration, documentation, CAD files, structure, authority information, etc.) and all product-related processes (including process definition and management). technology. Through the implementation of PDM, production efficiency can be improved, which is conducive to the management of the whole life cycle of products, strengthens the efficient use of documents, drawings, and data, and standardizes the workflow.

The PDM manufacturing process data document management system can effectively organize the production process cards, parts blueprints, 3D digital models, tool lists, quality documents and numerical control programs and other production operation documents of the enterprise, and realize paperless production in the workshop.

From the data point of view, the PDM system can help organize product design, improve product structure modification, track design concepts in progress, and find archived data and related product information in a timely and convenient manner.

From a process perspective, a PDM system coordinates process events such as design reviews, approvals, changes, workflow optimization, and product releases throughout an organization's entire product life cycle. (In PDM, the process of product development and related data and resources are managed through life cycle management, workflow management, R&D project management, resource allocation management, etc.)

PDM is clearly positioned as a manufacturing enterprise, with products as the core of management, and data, process and resources as the three major elements of management information. The two main lines of information management in PDM are static product structure and dynamic product design process. All information organization and resource management are carried out around product design, which is why PDM system is different from other information management systems, such as enterprise The key to information management system (MIS), manufacturing resource planning (MRPⅡ), project management system (PM), enterprise resource planning (ERP).