Home and Lifestyle Industry

SOLIDWORKS solutions provide a powerful set of tools that connect industrial design and manufacturing. With powerful sketching tools and advanced surfacing capabilities, you can turn designs into finished products faster and easier, and improve product performance.

Capture more data in less time from concept to finished product

SOLIDWORKS provides an integrated solution for the process from conceptual design to finished product Today, to develop consumer products, the tools used not only need to be able to generate great-looking designs, they must also have the right performance and lower manufacturing costs

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Collaborate and Share your Designs

SOLIDWORKS provides a design experience focused on creating innovative products in a truly connected and collaborative environment, and provides solutions to help you develop, examine, and select concepts before detailed design and manufacturing

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Work Seamlessly with your Design Team

SOLIDWORKS portfolio includes complementary tools that ensure designs created in any application can be opened, edited, and updated, ensuring that time and effort are not wasted when transitioning from design to simulation and manufacturing
  • Electronic Product
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Parts
  • Home Appliances
  • Watch Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Transportation

Understand the latest customer cases