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Driving innovation in the automotive industry

Consumers want attractive and easy-to-use vehicles that include advanced safety features and performance. SOLIDWORKS enables companies and suppliers to deliver value to extended teams that design, manage, and simulate finished products or subsystems. Solve business challenges in the automotive and transportation industries.

Design Smart Cars

SOLIDWORKS can accelerate product innovation throughout the supply chain by providing the right tools to ensure you meet deadlines and that your products meet performance and quality goals Helping brands and manufacturers of passenger cars, light trucks and minivans adjust to new regulations, bring new technologies to market, and delight demanding customers

Conception and Collaborative Development of Car

Use 3D models and create photorealistic images with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) capabilities to “see” your concepts in the real world with SOLIDWORKS to enhance customer satisfaction and communication early in the design phase concept Envision, explore, validate and seamlessly produce bold new mobility options for demanding global consumers
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