Industrial Equipment Industry

Revolutionizing the development and manufacture of industrial equipment

Today's design environment for industrial heavy equipment, packaging machinery, and molds, tools, and dies requires manufacturers to automate processes. Forgo methods that rely on non-integrated point solutions and instead use fully integrated parallel 3D design and manufacturing solutions that improve quality and increase your bottom line. Advanced and disruptive industrial equipment solutions for the creation, production and delivery of sophisticated and efficient machinery, equipment and components.

Design and Validate Tools

By providing numerous integrated functions, the SOLIDWORKS design environment can help you automate many aspects of the mold design process SOLIDWORKS automatically gives the optimal core and cavity parting lines for the mold You can access a catalog of 3D CAD models and drag and drop models into your designs, saving you expensive mold rework and extensive prototyping costs

Competitive Advantage

The traditional step-by-step, non-integrated approach to developing heavy equipment has too many limitations, which can undermine competitiveness Switching to an iterative approach means you can start manufacturing tasks during the design phase

Enhance profitability with an automated approach

How an enterprise copes with the competitive pressure will directly affect the future profitability and success or failure of the enterprise Businesses that want to continuously improve quality and achieve more innovation while saving time and controlling costs need to apply a smoother, more automated approach with SOLIDWORKS integrated 3D solutions
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