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    About ShinyouShinyou is an independent brand enterprise based on the 3C industry and practicing the "three integra
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    1- 完善研發體系,提升虛擬制造和仿真技術產品智能化水平 2- 在產品設計和更新換代過程當中,進行有效的版本管理

About Shinyou

Shinyou is an independent brand enterprise based on the 3C industry and practicing the "three integrations" of lean, automation and informatization. In the fields of new energy vehicles, home appliances, consumer electronic products, power supplies and other electronic industries, relying on more than 20 years of manufacturing practice experience of Jiken Xinyang Group and integrating global cooperation resources, it has successively launched products and services such as intelligent FCT, SCARA robot, intelligent AGV, and automation integration. , continue to provide full value chain intelligent automation services for global electronics industry giants and world-renowned enterprises.

Import SOLIDWORKS 3D Digitization Solutions

The core of "Made in China 2025" is intelligent equipment, and virtual simulation technology is the core of intelligent equipment. For this reason, Dongguan Shinyou cooperated with ICT in 2012 and introduced SOLIDWORKS CAD three-dimensional design software, CAE strength stress and fluid analysis software, and Imported SOLIDWORKS Composer and PDM data management system, realizing the leap from 2D design to 3D design.

Dongguan Shinyou can intuitively understand the motion state of the prototype through 3D modeling and assembly of components and 3D dynamic simulation of components, check the interference of components, greatly improve the accuracy and rationality of the design, shorten the design cycle, reduce Product production cost. With the help of SOLIDWORKS platform, Dongguan Shinyou's R&D system has been further improved, the innovation ability of R&D personnel has been improved, and the intelligent level of products using virtual manufacturing and simulation technology has been continuously improved. Let's listen to the feedback from Dongguan Shinyou's engineers.

Engineer feedback

We started importing SOLIDWORKS in 2012, and it helped us a lot in our work. It is a very good design software. First of all, the operation is very simple and easy to use, and the novice can operate it proficiently in a week. The second design is intuitive and efficient. In the design process, the product details can be reflected more intuitively, and the assembly and verification can be carried out in the 3D model. The third powerful design analysis function provides us with an informed design. The force analysis of the needle point under the needle bed can analyze the force of the needle plate during the design process, which greatly reduces our later verification time and ensures product quality. Fourth, the assembly of complex parts has become simpler, and the assembly process of our complex parts can be visualized, providing guidance for the assembly site.

---Wangong Senior Engineer

In our work environment, especially the use of robot orientation, I feel that SOLIDWORKS has several orientations that are very helpful to us. The first animation simulation, with SOLIDWORKS, many processes can pay attention to the details by means of fast-moving or slow-moving animations to solve some problems that actually exist in our project. In addition, the PDM function of SOLIDWORKS can carry out effective version management for product design and upgrading. With this function, for our use, no matter when we use this version, when we change it, and how to change what content we can trace it back. It is also very effective and helpful for our customer management, and also eliminates the accumulation of many customer problems and technical problems caused by the upgrading of our products. Another point, in our design process, electrical design is often easily overlooked. Because in the early stage of our electrical design, more engineers and designers came to the site to solve these problems and played on the spot, but in fact, with the electrical software, our design can be designed in 3D methods and structures at the beginning and the end of the design. Real-time communication and communication are carried out during the overshoot, so that the actual scene is completely consistent with the scene we designed, and it also solves the problem that in the early stage of the assembly and manufacturing process, only people can only grasp it, and it is grasped by our system and scientifically. solve these problems.

---Senior Engineer Wang

The products we make are mainly related to automated logistics. The SOLIDWORKS software has played a great role in our actual use. An obvious effect is that the design and development cycle is shortened. In the past, it took us 2-3 months to design a product, but now we can design the product in as little as one week. In the past, it took 1-2 months for newcomers to get started slowly. After using this software to explain the principles and structure of our products to newcomers, newcomers can quickly and easily master our product knowledge and enter the design and working state. . When we are working on a project, we often need to quickly come up with a plan to display on the customer's site. The effects and 3D animation presented by SOLIDWORKS 3D make it easy for customers to understand the advantages of our plan and speed up the transaction. Its advantages can also be clearly demonstrated in the assembly processing stage after the design. For example, in current information equipment, files designed by SOLIDWORKS can be directly exported to information equipment for direct processing. In the assembly process, the assembler can use this 3D image to directly open the decomposition explosion, etc., and use the functions of each sub-module to clearly see how to wire and assemble, where to install the screws, and how to route the wires. The efficiency is obvious. be improved. We also imported a PDM system, and the PDM system and SOLIDWORKS belong to a complementary system. In document management, PDM system plays a very crucial role. It has the functions of traceability, approval function, error correction and annotation, which make the overall development of our project and each link very smooth. In the aspect of electrical design, a very characteristic function is 3D wiring. In the early stage, we all rely on manual wiring. It is more reasonable to route the wiring according to experience, and 3D automatic wiring is very intuitive to present the wiring of the whole machine. In front of your eyes, the cost is significantly reduced, and the ease of personnel work has become very simple and fast. Finally, the material details of the product can be clearly listed into several tables for output. Our procurement process is also very easy to be able to use this BOM for procurement, management and other work, which is also very convenient. It belongs to a one-stop service software, one-stop design software, very good and convenient.

---Senior Engineer Liu

I have used this software for several years. It is a kind of software that integrates structural design, electrical design, manufacturing, and analysis. What it is particularly good at is that it is modeled during structural design, and then brought through SOLIDWORKS. For a module of some Motion software, we analyze its analysis action, and then the force calculated by its Motion can be directly imported into Simulation for nonlinear analysis, and then it will be very intuitive and quickly known in the early design stage. , the information on the strength and life of our equipment, and then go through the test to shorten the time for our actual test verification, especially when using Composer for animation analysis, which saves us a lot of time. Especially when assembling work instructions, manuals, and the initial plan we provide to customers, we can give a very intuitive animation display state to customers, which can be seen directly.

---Senior Engineer Wang



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