DELMIAWORKS is a French brand of Dassault, helping the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry; from the R&D end to the sales, manufacturing end to the production site end, the full digitalization achieves the same management goals of ERP and MES and completes unified scheduling and high coordination, and is committed to promoting world-class Advanced manufacturing process to create ERP and MES integrated solutions




The difference between DELMIAWORKS is that it uniquely combines the ERP function of factory floor process control and monitoring; most systems are either ERP or only MES; and we integrate ERP and MES into a set of native solutions, such integration provides a real , real-time perspective and workshop records.

An end-to-end operation management platform for mainstream manufacturing


Seamless aggregation to maximize supply chain efficiency

Aggregated operation mode, innovative system application concept, embedded high-performance Oracle database, end-to-end platform solutions, help the manufacturing industry to achieve lean manufacturing.

Real-time production and process monitoring

The built-in MES online monitoring function of ERP allows decision makers to know the real-time production status in the workshop

Unique design and implementation concept, a single platform solution reduces business costs

Dassault's unique industry experience, open up the product data chain (CAD->PLM->CRM->ERP->MES)

From design simulation to product data integration application, to manufacturing and delivery to customers after sales





Auto Manufacturing ERP Software Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing ERP Software Assembly Manufacturing ERP Software
Food and Beverage Manufacturing ERP Software Medical Device Manufacturing ERP Software Integrated, Consumer Goods, Contract and Multi-Process Manufacturing ERP Software



 Category  Module Function details
Portal; Flat File; XML Transaction; Transaction Set and Data Mapping; API and eKanban
Purchasing Management Inquiry Management; Purchase Order; Delivery Reply; Outsourcing Order; Internal Transaction
Sales Management Sales Quotation; Sales Order; Distribution Center; Product Price Management; Sales Invoice
Product Structure Product BOM list; Process Line; Engineering Change; Product Size Setting and Measuring Tool; Process Management; Product Life Cycle Management; Engineering Documentation
Planning and Scheduling Material Requirements Planning MRP; Limited/Unlimited Scheduling APS; Sales Forecasting/Planning; Mold Tracking; Labor Planning; Machine Capacity Planning; production
QMS Quality Management Audit Module; Quality Cost; Product Quality Advance Planning APQP; Process and Product Quality PQ; Document Control; Material Review Committee MRB; Statistical Process Control SPC; Nonconforming Product Management; Production Part Approval Procedure PPAP; Embedded Electronic Signoff
SCM Customer Relationship Management Customer information maintenance; credit management; after-sales service; customer rating; customer care; sales opportunities; contract quotation
SRM Supply Chain Management E-Commerce Capabilities: Availability Commitment; Inquiry Management; Supplier Portal; Supplier Price Management; Shipment Management; Outsourcing Operation Center
Warehouse Management Inventory Management; Warehouse Management; Kanban/Production Balance Cabinet; Serial Number Management; Batch Number Tracking; Inbound and Outbound Transfer; Consignment Inventory; Wireless Warehouse Equipment; Inventory Counting
Human Management Employee Files; Salary Management; Attendance Management; Training and Skills; Resume and Performance Management; Other Expense Management; Employee Self-Reliance Services
Financial Management General Ledger Management; Receivables and Payables; Fixed Assets; Electronic Transaction Processing; Invoice Management; Multi-Company; Multi-Currency Management; Bank Account Maintenance; Credit Card Processing; Budget Management; Standard and Actual Costs
Practical Tool Multi-Language; Multi-Factory; Record Tracking; Automatic Report; Enterprise Activity Monitoring Process; Freight Company Interface; Workflow; System Warning
BI Business Intelligence Smart Report; Data Set; Data Analysis; Query Report; Smart Dashboard
MES Workshop Management Real-Time Machine Monitoring; Workshop Data Collection; Abnormal Alarm Notification; Real-Time Process Monitoring; Real-Time Monitoring Application; RTStation; Equipment Maintenance Prevention
Manufacturing Manufacturing Planning; Manufacturing Work Order; Completion Report; Material Management; Assembly Line Process