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SOLIDWORKS CAM is a fully integrated and knowledge-based technology that allows you to integrate design and manufacturing processes into a system, so that it can evaluate the design at the early stage of the process, avoid unexpected costs and delay in completing the product.



SOLIDWORKS ® CAM is a fully integrated, based on knowledge technology, allows you to design and manufacturing process is integrated into a system, thus to evaluate the design in the early stages of the process, to avoid the unexpected costs and due to the delay can't finish products. This software USES the rich content of 3D CAD model to accelerate product development speed, and reduces the manual steps of error, time and repetition in the current development process, such as CNC machine tool programming. Knowledge-based processing (KBM) is the basis for simplifying programming and learning while you're programming, which will allow you to release more time to focus on key areas of the component.

SOLIDWORKS CAM is a plug-in for all SOLIDWORKS Desktop versions. It enables you to:

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· Not only will certain types of geometry be identified as CAD features, but you can see how many of these features will be made, and how much manufacturing costs will be spent
· Read tolerance and surface roughness and make decisions about how to make products
· Automatically apply the best manufacturing strategy you want to use, so that the manufacturing process can be faster and more standardized
· Automatically execute quotes and compare them with traditional methods to ensure that all aspects of the parts are considered in advance

Features include:

· Use model-based definition (MBD) to ensure automatic adjustment of processing strategy based on tolerance specifications
· Automatic feature recognition function can automatically program the prism parts, and also refer to the programming standard
· Includes the part and the assembly body processing of the 2.5 axis function

*CAM Standard is available free to all SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium users on Subscription.