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3DQuickMold is a professional plastic mold design solution. The prime objective of developing 3DQuickMold is to solve very complicated plastic mold design problem. 3DQuickMold follows the industrial practices and use the same workflow in mold shops. The ease of use and powerful mold design capabilities have been verified by the early users of 3DQuickMold. With the introduction of 3DQuickMold in the market for less than two years, 3DQuickMold is leading in market acceptance and growth rate in the market. 3DQuickMold makes itself stand out from the competition in the mold splitting functions and the ways it guide mold engineers to complete the design task.


3DQuickMold Key Functions:

1. Product Assembly
2. Layout Manager
3. Mold Base Manager
4. Ejector Wizard
5. Libraries Manager
  6. Cooling Wizard
7. Slide & Lifter Wizards
8. Sub-insert Wizard
9. Feed Wizard
10. Electrode Wizard
Mold Splitting

- Support multiple and/or different parts in single cavity
- Support predefined slides & inserts before the mold splitting
- Support swap parts and automatic update of mold structure