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Efficiently simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces critical to your design success with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. Driven by engineering goals, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation takes the complexity out of computational fluid dynamics and enables Product Engineers to use CFD insights for making their technical decisions in a concurrent engineering approach.


SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - Thorough liquid and gas analysis made easy

- Evaluate and optimize complex flows
- Examine complex flows through and around your components with parametric analysis
- Detect turbulences and recirculation issues with animated flow trajectories
- Reduce the risk of overheating in your designs
- Visualize and understand temperature distribution in and around your products
- Couple flow with thermal analysis, simulating convection,
- conduction, and radiation effects
- Gain valuable insights with powerful and intuitive results
- visualization tools
- Measure results at any location with the Point, Surface, and Volume Parameter tool

Electronic Flow Simulation - Complete electronic cooling simulation tool

- Two-resistor compact model to accurately simulate electronic packages SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation packages
- Heat Pipes for modeling a predominant cooling approach
- PCB Generators to accurately model multilayer PCBs
- Joule Heating calculation
- Enriched engineering database with a wide range of new fans, thermoelectric coolers, two-resistor - components, interface materials, and typical IC packages

HVAC Flow Simulation - The complete HVAC simulation tool

- Human comfort factors — calculate 8 comfort parameters to measure thermal comfort and identify potential problem areas
 - Advanced radiation — model absorption of radiation in solid bodies and definition of the radiation spectrum for a more accurate radiation simulation
- Tracer study — analyze the flow of a certain admixture (tracer) in the existing carrier fluid
 - Enriched engineering database — wide range of building materials and fans to run thermal analysis quickly and efficiently