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Altium announces the launch of Altium Designer 18

San Diego, Calif. - December 18, 2018 - The rapidly expanding global PCB market has spurred remarkable advancements in the world of electronic design, with new products that are more sophisticated ...

Robotic Inspection Aids NASA Efforts to Develop Safer, More Cost-Effective Aircraft Manufacturing Processes

Every manufacturer wants to create a quality product to keep customers satisfied and safe, but sometimes product quality is truly a life-and-death consideration. That’s the case with aircraft fus ...

Get Your Team Prepared for the Challenges to Come by Attending SOLIDWORKS World 2018

If there’s one lesson fans of science fiction have learned in the last month it’s that the past is gone (right Kylo?). In reality, however, the past is never gone. Surely 2017 was full of lesso ...

Meet the SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Keynote Speakers

The goal of SOLIDWORKS World has always been to inspire attendees so they can take the knowledge and new skills obtained from the event home with them and use them to create truly innovative desig ...

How Augmented Reality and Cobots Drive the Next Wave of Automation

A new startup called Embodied Intelligence is banking on AR as a way to support machine learning that will greatly expand robots’ abilities. In a NY Times article, Embodied founder Pieter Abbeel ...

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