Case Study: EAC Metal Ornament
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 Case Study: EAC Metal Ornament


Founded in 1992 with a focus on the manufacturing of metal accessories for the footwear and leather goods markets, EAC over the last decade diversified its services to include metal accessories for swimwear and lingerie, as well as luxury leather goods, luxury packaging, cosmetics and interior design.  

Using traditional manufacturing methods requires custom tooling, which is both expensive and time consuming to produce. Even the slightest design changes require the fabrication of new tooling - creating further delays and increasing costs.

The high cost of tooling also makes low-volume manufacturing a challenge, because if EAC wants to keep per-part costs low, they must produce thousands of a particular part to amortize those tooling costs.


By investing in metal 3D printing, EAC hopes to get the best of both worlds - a system that eliminates the costly and time-consuming process of fabricating tooling, and is capable of producing parts in a range of volumes while still keeping per-part costs low.

When combined with the ability for the Shop System to print hundreds of parts in a single print run, the company has been able to significantly step up production on certain parts.


Here are some of the parts that were printed with the Shop System

For EAC, the Shop System has been a success. Using the system, EAC designers are able to produce custom metal ornaments with geometries that are as elaborate as their customers can imagine.


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