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The New Revolution of Communication Webinar Jun 2020

This time ICT will go through a series of "The New Revolution of Communication Webinar" to provide different communication tools to help companies implement effective management measures in the f ...

SOLIDWORKS TSG : Become an rendering expert

"SOLIDWORKS TSG : Become an rendering expert" will share how to create professional product renderings, and use advanced materials and HDR environment to build advanced rendering settings and tech ...

【Use 3D Tech to Fight the Virus】

【Use 3D Tech to Fight the Virus】 EP1 : Prototyping 3D personal products | 31 Mar 2020 EP2 : Design and processing skills for 3D printing | 16 Apr 2020

SOLIDWORKS TSG : Amazing Surface & Modelling Skill

to share different surface modeling skill, 3D drawing techniques, and improve your product design.

SOLIDWORKS TSG : Creating Interactive Animations with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

SOLIDWORKS TSG will share how to create professional products animation and rendering, as well as advanced rendering settings and techniques by using SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

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