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ICT Launches The Form 2 Desktop SLA 3D Printer

Date:2018/07/25 Author: ICTViews:1694

Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd (ICT) announced the launch of Form 2, the high-resolution, desktop stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer. The Form 2 brings bigger prints, smarter components, connected capabilities, and an intuitive printing experience to professionals.

The Form 2 is a smart, desktop machine aimed at engineers and designers and is set to bring bigger prints, smarter components, connected capabilities and an intuitive printing experience to professional 3D print users.

The new machine supports a 50% more powerful laser for a much better print resolution. The Form 2 also benefits from an automated resin refill system (open to resins you might want to experiment with) and a new print process; a sliding peel mechanism, wiper and heated resin tank which allows users to print large, solid parts with fine details.

Other highlights include Wi-Fi printing with mobile alerts and remote monitoring, a 1-click print software update and a full-colour touchscreen display.

Formlabs started out of MIT in 2011, Formlabs now employs over 400 people across offices in Germany, Japan, and China. They are committed to bringing powerful and accessible fabrication tools into the creative hands of professionals around the world.