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SolidWorks TSG : Complete File Management & Product Data Management Tips 16 Mar

Date:2018/01/25 Author: Views:270

SOLIDWORKS3月技術交流會 : Complete File Management & Product Data Management Tips

智誠科技2018年3月的SOLIDWORKS技術交流會Complete File Management & Product Data Management Tips,分享透過有效的檔案管理(File Management)幫助您可以更簡單,更快捷、更準確地運用SOLIDWORKS,並提供SOLIDWORKS檔案管理的技術和應用實例,讓你設計更好的產品。交流會名額有限,請立即報名!

Help users manage groups of SOLIDWORKS files and repurpose data without impacting existing projects

File management tool designed to help you perform such tasks as renaming, replacing, and copying SOLIDWORKS files

File management solutions provide the centralized file vaulting capabilities needed to manage and control electronic intellectual property and product design data
Track changes, maintain a complete revision history of a design’s evolution, and avoid the errors of manual approaches
Save time, reduce costs, and tighten security by using an electronic workflow, which eliminates paper-based change packets and delivery requirements
2018年3月16日 (星期五) | 14:30 – 17:00 InnoCentre創新中心Meeting Room 4(地圖)
**參加者需擁有有效SOLIDWORKS維護服務(Subscription Services)**