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How Augmented Reality and Cobots Drive the Next Wave of Automation

A new startup called Embodied Intelligence is banking on AR as a way to support machine learning that will greatly expand robots’ abilities. In a NY Times article, Embodied founder Pieter Abbeel ...

Driving the Future of Autonomous Vehicles with SOLIDWORKS

The vehicles of tomorrow are driverless. That’s the future and it’s coming faster than you may have thought. Just ask RDM Group, where talented engineers are using SOLIDWORKS to help create the ...

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simluation / Plastics Workshop 18 Dec 2017

【SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Workshop / Plastics Injection Mold Workshop】 The workshops aim to experience the skills and theoretical of Flow Simulation / Plastics software. Understand how the sof ...

SolidWorks TSG : Tools That Help Automate Your Design 8 Dec

Feeling time-consuming to build up a model from scratch? Difficult to make a design change? Or tired of creating similar parts? SolidWorks can provide some automation tools to help you design m ...

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