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Why the World's Third Largest Motorcycle Manufacture opted for Universal Robots?

Commitment to produce motorcycles of best in class quality while improving productivity and ergonomics is what drove Bajaj auto ltd. To choose universal robots’ cobots for their assembly lines. B ...

Eric Beatty’s Intro to SOLIDWORKS xDesign

Like many others, I was very excited by the announcement of SOLIDWORKS xDesign at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 in Dallas. I had played with other cloud CAD offerings but, being a diehard SOLIDWORKS user, ...

The Magic Behind Hollywood Blockbusters Using SOLIDWORKS

Every designer knows that careful attention to detail on their designs is important to ensure the manufacturing team can build the best product possible. However, in Hollywood, a lot can be done w ...

How well is your cobot really performing? If you don't measure it, you can't know for sure

Your new cobot is humming along, increasing production output, improving quality, helping employees avoid injury and add more value, and in general, is paying for itself day by day. All is right w ...

SOLIDWORKS Skills Help Eric Spendlove Make Entertainment Spectacles Come to Life

As someone who likes building things—he constructed a metal test stand in his backyard and uses it to conduct his own destructive testing—and solving problems, Eric Spendlove has risen from earl ...

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