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Press Release
Review: 【SOLIDWORKS Visualize Amination Skills Webinar】

Bigger Print, Bigger Dream

Everybody has a dream. Always, people would dream that there are some tools or products that they can rely on to help them, and make their life easier. Some of them may also dream to have their ow ...

Formlabs releases the first large format affordable 3D printer Form 3L

This Year at TCT Asia, Formlabs displayed their first large format desktop 3D printer – Form3L, a larger version of the Form3. Same as Form 3, the Form 3L also utilize Low Force Stereolithography ...

The SOLIDWORKS Designed Driverless Tram _ ISLAND

The design concept double-decker tram has become the talk of the town recently. Various platforms have mentioned this modern this futuristic and fashionable design.Island was designed by Andrea Po ...

Formlabs Launches New Materials Families and Materials

We’ve always believed that one of the most powerful advantages of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing is the wide range of printing materials. That’s why Formlabs is excited to announce six new ...

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