Woodworking is a craft, a unique technology, and a commonly used technology in construction. With the rapid development of society and the continuous development of computer technology, from hand-painted design to computer design, the woodworking industry has also ushered in changes.

Woodworking furniture design is both an art and an applied science. It mainly includes three aspects: modeling design, structural design and process design. The entire design process includes data collection, ideation, sketching, evaluation, testing, re-evaluation, and production drawing.

Woodworking furniture software can easily complete all details of woodworking projects from design to processing, and can provide material and board processing requirements, as well as design details such as texture direction and laminate library natively provided by the library, and can be completed with a simple drag and drop . Additionally some woodworking design software can create parametric designs with custom rules that can be used to ensure that the model fits predetermined requirements with some drag and drop gestures.