3D Scanning

3D scanning refers to a high-tech that integrates optical, mechanical, electrical and computer technologies. It is mainly used to scan the spatial shape, structure and color of an object to obtain the spatial coordinates of the object surface.

Its significance lies in that it can convert the three-dimensional information of the object into a digital signal that can be directly processed by the computer, which provides a very convenient and efficient means for the digitization of the object. Three-dimensional scanning technology can realize non-contact measurement, and has the advantages of high speed and high precision. And its measurement results can be directly interfaced with a variety of software, which makes it very popular today with the increasing popularity of CAD, CAM, CIMS and other technical applications.

In the manufacturing industry of developed countries, as a fast three-dimensional measurement equipment, 3D scanners are more and more used due to its advantages of fast measurement speed, high precision, non-contact, and convenient use. Use the 3D scanner to scan the hand plate, sample and model to obtain its three-dimensional size data. These data can be directly interfaced with CAD/CAM software. In the CAD system, the data can be adjusted, repaired, and then sent to the machining center or rapid prototyping. Manufacturing on equipment can greatly shorten the product manufacturing cycle.