3D Mouse

3D mouse is a new type of mouse, it can not only be used as an ordinary mouse, but also has the ability of omnidirectional stereo control. It can not only be used as an ordinary mouse, but also has the following characteristics: (1) It has the ability of all-round stereo control. It has six moving directions: front, back, left, right, up, and down, and can combine the front right, left down, and so on. (2) The shape is different from the ordinary mouse. It is generally composed of a fan-shaped base and a movable controller. (3) It has a vibration function, that is, a tactile feedback function. While playing certain games, you will feel your mouse vibrate when you are hit by an enemy. (4) is a true three-button mouse. No matter in DOS or Windows environment, the middle button and right button of the mouse are very useful.

Are you tired of the way the mouse works? Sitting in front of the computer all day, because the mouse is often used, it is easy to have mouse hand or joint diseases. The appearance of this 3D mouse under development is to save the office crowd bound by the mouse.

This mouse only needs to be clipped on your index finger, and use your thumb to operate the 3D mouse.

This 3D mouse has three buttons on the side, which can be set to different button functions according to user preferences. The corresponding action can be triggered by pressing the button or sliding on the button. For example: the first key is the left mouse button, the second key is the middle mouse button, the third key is the right mouse button, and sliding left and right is the mouse wheel function.

The difference between this 3D mouse and the previous infrared mouse is that it does not need to rely on infrared positioning, and does not need to be used on a flat desktop. Because of 3D tracking technology, even if you swipe in the air, the 3D mouse can also sense your movements and make relevant actions.