SWOOD can easily complete all the details of woodworking projects from design to processing based on SOLIDWORKS For SOLIDWORKS users, SWOOD can provide material and plate processing requirements, as well as the edge banding, grain direction and laminate library natively provided by the SWOOD library Simple drag and drop Additionally, when using SWOOD to create parametric furniture, custom rules can be used to ensure that the model fits predete




SWOOD Wood Design Module

Plate design and management functions

· Sheet texture and cutting direction management

· Edge management

· Solid wood and board surface veneer function

· Sheet thickness management

· Bending plate unfolding, and wool management

Hardware connector function

The connector function can help you connect all furniture components, you not only Can use traditional solid wood tenon, mortise and other connection methods, and can use Custom and standard hardware for linking (dowels, eccentric shaft connectors, dowels Wait). Fully customizable hardware arrangement to help you Used to assemble furniture.

SWOODBox Smart Design

Book intelligent design functions through the system, you only need to click on the shape of the furniture It can intelligently import furniture panels, hardware, and assembly. and can directly generate There are CNC machining codes for the panels.

SWOODBox Intelligent design can import a variety of Smart Components.

Layout Smart Design

With a simple click on the sketch file, you can directly load the parametric cabinet barrel of custom size and complete the structural design at one time.

Solid wood profiling

The solid wood profiling function enables complex solid wood shapes to be realized with a simple drag and drop.

· Rich and customizable solid wood molding component library

· Free parts replacement

· Realize solid wood processing for multi-component edge banding at the same time

Production process management

Custom process management file format (csv, html, edrawing, xml, excel,...)

· Seamless connection with cutting saw software

· One-click generation of cutting list

· Automatically generate hardware list

· Automatically generate part labels

More features

· Perfect integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM.

· Parametric plate component library.

· SOLIDWORKS Assembly Tool Replication.

SWOOD Design Case Study

· Top five European kitchen furniture companies

· German NOLTE KUCHEN R&D department uses SWOOD system for fine research and development of high-end products.


· Real Innenausbau AG: German architecture, furniture, home design, store design company

· Use SWOOD to manage the design, processing and production process.


· Sanijura: French high-end bathroom home design company

· Use SWOOD to manage the design, processing and production process