3DQuickPress is a 3D continuous die design solution fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS Including parts analysis and deployment, material strip arrangement, die set and punch design and other functions, it provides a complete solution from 3D modeling, parts unfolding, 3D assembly to 2D drawing for industries such as electronics, home appliances and automotive structural design



Ten advantages of 3DQuickPress:
1. SOLIDWORKS platform, seamless integration of data
2. Parametric design process to reduce repetitive operations
3. Quick quotation system, a good helper in price negotiation
4. Automatic design, good efficiency
5. Real-time 3D data to reduce design errors
  6. Die motion simulation to simulate the actual working state
7. The automatic drawing function greatly reduces the drawing time for engineers
8. Unfolding analysis to solve complex forming unfolding calculations
9. Customize the database, customize your own products
10. Multi-person collaborative design to shorten the design cycle
3DQuickPress features:

1. Expand
● Powerful automatic sheet metal feature recognition

● Can handle various forming, bending, twisting and bending compensation

● Expand and form state grouping
● Support different bending states
● Expand the processor
● Support production-oriented design direction
● Support multi-thickness parts
● User-defined features
● Export surfaces with SOLIDWORKS dimension


2. Material strip design

● Support insert/delete station

● Real-time stereo feedback

● Support multi-product nesting

● Scrap design

● Optimized use of materials

● Calculation of central force

● Elastic recovery calculation

● Fully automatic intelligent nesting

● Deep Stamping Calculator

  ● Annotation function
● Replacement parts
● Nesting station design
● Mirror unfolding parts
● Output Excel material belt cost statistics table
● Auto-association properties
3. Formwork

● Automatically generate cutting and bending punches
● User-defined punch
● Female die into the block
● Editable blanking features
● Product Predefined Parts Library (PRL)
● Non-programmed self-built design process
● User-defined parts library

● Edit hole table

● Support composite mode and continuous mode
● Interference check
● Mold frame design

● Standard and user-defined components

● Dynamic simulation of stamping process

● Automatic generation of BOM table and quick layout

● Automatic generation of assembly drawings

● Automatic sorting of part numbers

● Automatic coordinate dimensioning

● Automatic generation of reports

● Similar product mold replacement design

● Collaborative design environment

● Move components on polar coordinates Quickly launch mold design optimization tools for management Quick automatic hole opening

4. Drawing and fabrication
● Multifunctional hole table
● Hatch line
● Hole callout
● Edge annotation
● Sketching tools
● Integration of design and manufacturing
● Support wire cutting processing