DriveWorks can help Solidworks users automate repetitive tasks, thereby saving a lot of time Compared with SolidWorks users, DriveWorks is a relatively leading aided design automation tool As a Solidworks Gold Partner, DriveWorks supports tight integration with Solidowrks Allows users to easily automate mechanical product design, as well as create derived models and drawings from within SolidWorks




DriveWorks company introduction:
Focus - Software Development since 2001
Proven Design Automation
- DriveWorks Xpress is included in SOLIDWORKS
Quality - Certified Products
Global - Global Customers
Universal - used in many industries
Team - Brilliant, Honest and Passionate



1. Configuration

Configuration via computer, phone or tablet

Application Scenario: DriveWorks software is used by engineers, sales, dealers and customers to design, engineer projects and configure products or place orders.


2. Automation:

For similar but different custom designs

Scenarios: Automatically create sales quotes, manufacturing documents and data, including SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, and drawings.


3. Key Technologies

Best SOLIDWORKS Automation Design Software

Powerful rules engine (math, logic, data)

Interface Design (Quick Publish to Webpage)

Workflow (who, what and when)

Configure the 3D preview in the browser and view it in real time

Powerful integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM and other systems


4. 3 Products – Scalable Solutions

DriveWorks Xpress



Included in every version of SOLIDWORKS (My SOLIDWORKS Get)

Fill out the form…

Automatically create new variants of parts, assemblies and drawings



DriveWorks Solo



More visible interface
Enhanced rule generator
Automatic drawing
position, scale, annotation
Automate Advanced Features
Replace the model
Create documentation
Costs, Bill of Materials, Mail




DriveWorks Pro



  • Administrator

Set up, manage and run projects

  • Autopilot

Automatically generate and email SOLIDWORKS models

  • Live

Use DriveWorks projects online via a web browser

  • User

Make DriveWorks projects available internally to other users