SWOOD CAM perfectly controls woodworking CNC machines Create machining codes and production information management files directly within SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS embedded woodworking industry CNC machining and production management software



SWOOD wood processing module

Perfect integration with SOLIDWORKS

· You can directly view the processing parameter structure tree in the function manager.

· Manage tools and machine tool plug-ins, as well as batch automatic machining databases directly in the task bar.

· Directly call components by dragging and dropping

· View machining simulations directly in SOLIDWORKS.

· In SOLIDWORKS, directly view and drive table positioning devices.

Processing Technology

· Multi-axis processing, row drilling processing and plug-in management, whole-axis processing.

· Multi-processing head control.

· Machine hood and offset management.

· The tool feed speed can be automatically adjusted according to the direction of the wood grain.

· Intelligent parametric control of CNC machine tool processing platform.

· Laser projection positioning.

· Parts processing positioning.

· 3,4,5 axis machining control.

· Professional wood processing procedures: slotting, sawing, tenon, tenon hole.

· Automatic layout optimization.


Machining code

· Powerful post-configuration files can directly generate machining code for many CNC machines.







· Processing time calculation

CNC machining file management

· Custom CNC machining file generation method
(cutting list, processing file list, processing tool list, and generating labels containing barcodes for each component)

· Processing process and the whole project processing process document

Highly integrated

· Perfect integration of SOLIDWORKS geometry and machining parameters.

· Free processing system settings can add additional processing parameters and customize processing settings.

· Control the drill row plug-in, and automatically optimize the drilling for drilling.

SWOOD CAM Case Studies

· ligne-roset: French high-end modern furniture company

· Use SWOOD to manage the design, processing and production process

SWOOD Design Case for Modern Furniture

· MEDIA6: French storefront design company with subsidiaries in China, France and Spain

· Use SWOOD to manage the design, processing and production process


· OCF: French restaurant furniture design company

· Use SWOOD to manage the design, processing and production process

SWOOD dining furniture design case