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    Abour BaldorGuangdong Baldor Technology Co , Ltd is a subsidiary of Guangdong Baldor Holding Group Founded in 19
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    1- 實現設計到制造全流程管控 2- 對內可創建直觀裝配工藝作業指導書,對外則可生成使用維護手冊 3- 實現對物料和計劃准確性的有效控制

Abour Baldor

Guangdong Baldor Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Guangdong Baldor Holding Group. Founded in 1999, the group is an innovative group enterprise integrating industry and trade, the Internet, the Internet of Things, and e-commerce platforms. Baldor Technology specializes in the research, development and manufacture of the world's latest generation of energy-saving and intelligent IoT screw air compressors. All products produced can exchange data with the Internet through IoT technology, truly realizing the "integration of man and machine" in the industrial field. Baldor series of energy-saving air compressors have been awarded the top ten brands of air compressors in China and obtained more than 200 technical patents.

SOLIDWORKSSeries product solution

Baldor Technology adopted SOLIDWORKS design software earlier, and cooperated with Zhicheng Technology Company in 2016 to import the overall solution of SOLIDWORKS series products, use SOLIDWORKS software for full 3D geometry modeling, and import the product model into the SOLIDWORKS EPDM data management platform for The whole process from design to manufacturing is controlled. Later SOLIDWORKS Composer and MBD products can reuse 3D models to generate technical documents. Internally, intuitive assembly process work instructions can be created to improve product quality, and externally, use and maintenance manuals can be generated. Baldor Technology hopes to cooperate with Zhicheng Technology to develop the function of automatically importing the BOM data of SOLIDWORKS EPDM into the ERP system, so as to achieve effective control over the accuracy of materials and plans.

The transition from 2D to 3D design

With the help of the SOLIDWORKS platform, Baldor's R&D capabilities have been greatly improved, the transformation from 2D design to 3D design has been completed, and 3D data has been applied to different departments of the enterprise. Through the SOLIDWORKS series of tools, Baldor's R&D team has been greatly shortened. The product development cycle has been shortened and the market competitiveness of the enterprise has been improved. Balder people will take environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence and reliability as their own responsibility, and continue to innovate and develop more intelligent and energy-saving air compressor products.

Using SOLIDWORKS Composer, the 3D assembly animations and exploded diagrams produced can more intuitively reflect the actual assembly sequence, completely replacing the previous paper craft work instructions and minimizing installation errors.  

Using SOLIDWORKS PDM search capabilities, it is easy to find design information based on file name, contained data, accompanying metadata, workflow status, or other predefined search features, helping engineers get the latest version of the file accurately and avoid drawing revisions Production errors caused by confusion.

Messahe from customers 

Compared with the previous paper craft instruction workbooks, the 3D assembly animations and exploded diagrams produced by SOLIDWORKS Composer can more intuitively reflect the actual operation process and effectively reduce the probability of errors.

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