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    1- 設計人員使用多種不同的CAD軟件,設計文件格式不統一,使得協同工作難以進行;2- 客戶的需求根據產品而定,因此會出現大量數據存檔的問題,導致數據重用舉步維艱;3- 隨著公司的業務模式有所改變,項目數據陡增,對研發數據的管理迫在眉睫。
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    About HaoshengHaosheng Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co , Ltd was established in 2002 It is an industrial auto
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About Haosheng

Haosheng Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is an industrial automation system integration application solution provider, mainly for non-standard automation integration. The company develops and designs automation equipment in the assembly, testing, and testing links of the automotive electronics industry, especially in the locking, dispensing, and pressing of the assembly link.

The predicament of Haosheng

1、The company's designers use a variety of different CAD software, and the design file formats are not unified, making it difficult to work collaboratively. Moreover, there is a working mode of 3D design and then transferred to 2D software for marking, which greatly affects the efficiency of the company's product delivery.

2、Customer needs are product specific, so there is a problem with archiving large volumes of data, making data reuse difficult.

3、With the change of the company's business model and the sharp increase in project data, the management of R&D data is imminent.

Choose to cooperate with ICT

The SOLIDWORKS platform is easy to learn and use, enabling the rapid creation and validation of design ideas. At the same time, domestic colleges and universities have cultivated a large number of SOLIDWORKS design talents, but the design talents who can apply systematic and standardized software are relatively scarce. Therefore, Haosheng found a SOLIDWORKS value-added distributor with advanced application experience - Zhicheng Technology.

They provided professional training, secondary development efficiency tools, and daily technical support, which helped us effectively improve design efficiency and standardization. After much consideration, Haosheng finally introduced the PDM data management platform, from basic modeling, assembly, engineering drawings to animation, simulation, rendering, PDM, electrical design Electrical, project management Manage, quality inspection tools Inspection, Actively explore product display Composer and other aspects.

Message from customers 

After unified use of SOLIDWORKS design platform and PDM, the efficiency of collaborative work between engineers has been greatly improved. In terms of parametric design and standardized design, the staff of Zhicheng Technology provided great help, which greatly encouraged engineers' confidence and efficiency. morale.

——Haosheng Automation R&D Director

Using SOLIDWORKS software, designers can quickly build a solution for customer needs and conduct preliminary action simulation; while responding quickly to customer needs, they can also conduct more detailed discussions with customers based on this, and quickly determine the final customer needs, Reduce the design cycle of the entire device.

——Haosheng Automation R&D Engineer

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