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After SIMULIA Dassault Systèmes acquired ABAQUS, SIMULIA was used as a new brand of its analytical products. It is a collaborative, open, and integrated multiphysics simulation platform. Real-world simulation is nonlinear, SIMULIA will be a simulation analysis tool for real-world simulation, it supports the most cutting-edge simulation technology and the widest range of simulation fields. SIMULIA provides an open, multi-physics analysis platform for real-world simulation. Together with CATIA and DELMIA, SIMULIA will help users realize the collaborative work of design, simulation and production in PLM. It takes analytical simulation to new heights in the product development cycle.

SIMULIA provides a software platform for multi-disciplinary and multi-domain scientific computing and engineering simulation. It has an open structure and data for DS products, third-party products and customers' own applications. SIMULIA's solvers, applications and customized solutions will be built on an open, extensible, and customizable PLM platform. It is based on common data definitions, shared product structures and powerful mechanics techniques utilizing a unified finite element Models simulate a variety of engineering problems. SIMULIA introduces analysis and simulation into the PLM environment to create an enterprise-level computing platform. The platform will span different disciplines, methodologies and industries.