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The predecessor of 3Dconnexionde was a technology manufacturer that developed robotic arms of the European Space Agency. The 3D controller was used in the aviation industry. It was acquired by Logitech in 1999 and became a 3D controller specializing in the design and manufacture of input devices. manufacturer. According to statistics, more than 780,000 designers, animation designers and engineers around the world use 3Dconnexion products, including SpaceNavigator, SpaceExplorer, Space Pilot.

3Dconnexion 3D mouse is a design tool for 3D design engineers. When using a 3D mouse with a non-dominant hand, you only need to gently push, pull, press, lift, rotate or tilt the 3D mouse control cap, and you can easily perform near-real translation, rotation and zooming of 3D models or scenes. Action, like holding a 3D model in your hand.

Among the world's leading 3D input devices, 3Dconnexion has accumulated many years of R&D experience to help 3D/CAD/CAM/CG users improve design efficiency and increase production capacity to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. 3Dconnexion has launched a variety of products to enable designers engaged in computer graphics design (CAD/CAM/CAE), animation products, and digital content creation to not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce hand muscle pain caused by operating a mouse. According to users who have used 3Dconnexion products, using it can improve design efficiency by at least 30%.