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Marketing Event
Smart Home Devices Seminar 29 Sep 2017

This seminar will introduce the development intelligent life in Hong Kong and the development of home products design process, to provide an innovative integrated solution to improve production, g ...

SolidWorks TSG : Organic Surface Creation 15 Sep 2017

SolidWorks TSG 【Organic Surface Creation】 will share the surface design of the tips and tips and help you Improve design efficiency, can easily create a complex and unique product appearance.

Collaborative Robot Workshop 1 Sep 2017

A Collaborative Robot Workshop is now open to join. You can learn simple operation and easy programming through the workshop, understanding of collaboration advantages and applications of robots. ...

Advanced Robotics Application Seminar 25 Aug 2017

ICT and Pro-Act Training and Development Centre (Precision Engineering) will organize "Advanced Robotics Application Seminar", inviting experts of machine vision and force sensor, focusing on the ...

SOLIDWORKS Composer Workshop 4 Aug

【SOLIDWORKS Composer Workshop】teaches you how to use the SOLIDWORKS Composer to create 2D and 3D outputs from CAD design data. You will also learn how to create animations and update your view d ...

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