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Launching at Automate 2017 is the new Dual Gripper

Today’s manufacturers are continually looking for ways to produce high quality products more efficiently and affordably so they can keep up with their competitors locally and globally.

Cobots in the automotive industry - automotive manufacturing

The history of robotics has always been closely tied to the automotive industry. In fact, in 1962 General Motors was the first-ever company to deploy industrial robots. And from the 1970s onwards, ...

Step into the World of AR and VR

Experiencing Spock beam in, seeing virtual data like the coordinates of an incoming threat overlaid in the real world or being a blue character inside a virtual world were all just dreamy concepts ...

How can 3D CAD software improve life sciences in APAC?

Though the Asia-Pacific region is home to over half of the world's population, it hosts less than a quarter of its medical technology market. These findings, noted by McKinsey's MedTech in Asia re ...

Solving complex problems with innovative concepts and robotic solutions

The best automation solutions are smart, simple, innovative, and fully leverage technology to create significant business efficiencies and provide great benefits to employees and customers.

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